Water pump in Kenya

Why Water?

Ultimately, clean water provides hope for a new future.

Water is our most basic and vital need in life. Without it, nothing can happen. Nothing can grow. But with it, everything changes. Clean water quenches thirst — but it also restores health. With access to clean water, life can be given back to a community.

Pokot woman holding a water canister. Clean Water is equal to Restored Health plus Time Savings plus Education.

Where we work


We focus our efforts on a forgotten group of People: the Pokot. People whom we know and love. People we consider dear friends.

They are also extremely impoverished, neglected, and marginalized; which is why we are committed to investing in their lives. Over the past thirteen years, we’ve entered into a partnership with the Pokot Outreach Ministry (POM) to provide HOPE –one clean water well at a time.


In 2016, we formed a partnership with World Hope International (WHI) to bring clean water to the beautiful people of Sierra Leone. Since 2004, WHI has worked to drill clean water wells in some the world’s most impoverished communities.

People of Pokot

Kenyan classroom.
Clean water means time-savings and restored health. The hours spent each day looking for water becomes time to work, care for children, and go to school.

Hope Water Project